Privacy Statement

The social media tracking feature acts as is a third party application that tracks it's users Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube posts based on a set of keywords set up by the user in the system. The user’s sponsors (employers) will be able to see all the social media data processed by AnglerTrack that relates specifically to their brand. Any data that does not relate to the sponsor (employer’s) brand will not be visible by the sponsor (employer). By reading and agreeing to this policy, the user allows to obtain information from the following, so long as the keywords set by are used in the post (status, photo, or video):

What Data We Capture

AnglerTrack allows you to link any of the following third party social media services to your account

- Facebook
- Twitter
- TikTok
- Instagram
- YouTube

If You decide to register through or otherwise grant us access to a Third-Party Social Media Service, We may collect Personal data that is already associated with Your Third-Party Social Media Service's account, such as Your name, Your email address, Your activities or Your contact list associated with that account.

You may also have the option of sharing additional information with the Company through Your Third-Party Social Media Service's account. If You choose to provide such information and Personal Data, during registration or otherwise, You are giving the Company permission to use, share, and store it in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy.

AnglerTrack will only have access to publicly available information on your third party social media account. If your information is set as private it will not be accessible by AnglerTrack.

Below is a list of the information we will have access to from the third party social media service you link to your account:

- Name - Email Address - Username - Status Updates - Timeline Photos - Instagram Stories - Timeline Videos - Number of likes - Number of comments - Number of shares - Post reach for Facebook fan pages

How your data is processed:

Every 24 hours AnglerTrack will access and download your current data from the linked third party social media platforms. This data is then stored and distributed to your account per the keyword requirements you have set. Data is not shared or made accessible to any other users of AnglerTrack outside of the organization your account is associated with.

How the data is used:

- It’s our goal to give your sponsor (employer) an easy way to see all of their member’s social media data in one place. - This data may be used to identify high performing posts or team members - Data may also be used to ensure that members are reaching goals set by their contracts - Your data is ONLY shared with your sponsor (employer) and never shared with anyone else.

Deleting Data:

Users reserve the right to request that their data be deleted from our servers at any time. If a user wishes to have his/her data removed they are to email and make the request. Upon receipt of the request, all user’s data will be removed from the system within 24 hours.


AnglerTrack uses the YouTube API to access your YouTube account and retrieve data on videos that were uploaded by you. Only videos that use one or more keywords in the title, description, or tags will be displayed in your AnglerTrack account. For videos using one or more of the keywords, AnglerTrack will calculate and store the number of likes, comments, and video views for that video. AnglerTrack does not have access to any of your YouTube or Google login information or personal information. AnglerTrack cannot manipulate your YouTube account in any way on your behalf.
Feel Free to revoke YouTube app, Steps and instructions are here will not provide any personal or angler information to any other AnglerTrack users (individuals or manufacturers) without the written permission of the user first.