About Us


We’re a tracking and management platform for manufacturers who have people (pro staff, field staff etc.) that promote their products in exchange for some form of compensation. But there’s a lot more to it than just that.


We work with manufacturers to bring more organization to their promotional team. The days of staring at spreadsheets and manually following social media accounts are over. We have a ton of tools developed from DIRECT FEEDBACK from promotional team managers in the fishing industry. You could almost say that AnglerTrack is a “crowd sourced” build. We listen to our clients and build features to fit their needs.


You’ll have to set up a meeting to get ALL the details, but we can give you some hints. We work through secure connections with the major social media sites to follow your team’s social presence. We then break down the data into a ready to use package so you can see how effective they are. We then throw in a bunch of management tools to help handle most of the day-to-day burden. You can manage a 150 member team in the same amount of time it took to manage 30 people.


First off…..we fish. We are the consumer your promotional team is trying to reach. Then there is our extensive background in advertising, marketing, social media, and pro team management in the fishing industry. We have seen it from the pro side, the consumer side, and from the manufacturer side. This gives us the ability to work closely with our clients to make adjustments and give guidance on how to build an EFFECTIVE team. We don’t believe in having 1,000 people and giving them a hat, t-shirt, and 10% off so they can call themselves a “pro staffer”. We want to help build a team of quality members who want to align with brands they believe in.